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Do you like going to the movies?  Ever wonder why or what people think about going to the movies, or what they do at the movies?

TheatreThis summer I’m taking a “Research Methods Class” at the University of Toronto and am required to conduct original research. Wanting to do a project on something fun and interactive, that as many people as possible could participate in, I chose the movies!  If you could please take five minutes to tell me what you think about your movie going experience I would greatly appreciate it.  My goal is to have 200 completed surveys by Monday and I could really use your help by:

A Complete My Survey  (takes approximately 3:37 mins)

B – Sharing this 134 character blurb / link to my survey with your friends!  Copy/Paste to social media (takes about :45 seconds) ~

Click here to take my buddy’s @Cineplex / @Timeplay survey to find out if we like the same things at the movies! bit.ly/timeplaysurvey  

Thank you so much! The last question of the survey is a place where you can sign up to get a copy of the results so you can see how what you think compares to others!

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