Pinterest Evolves Again (Messaging!)

Pinterest Messaging goes live
Pinterest Messaging goes live. (photo from my inbox!)

In a game of “The most connected survive” Pinterest has evolved again increasing the relevance of their social media platform.

In the busiest summer of any of the SM platforms; Pinterest has grown to help their users become more connected.  A quick peek at what’s been added during the past sunny season:

April 9, 2014New ways to add Pin It buttons to your website
May 15, 2014 – Promoted Pins (Pinterest monetizes)
June 5, 2014Official Promoted Pins and analytics upgrade
July 8, 2014New Follow button
Aug 7, 2014MESSAGING

In watching Pinterest’s 24 second Youtube teaser to “messages” it is sooo simple, clean, efficient and does exactly what you think it would. While I’m not an avid Pinterest user; a quick test drive this morning left me beyond impressed. Messaging is light, simple and super intuitive, nothing really to ‘learn’. Personally I like it better than Facebook’s newest mobile messenger app, and it absolutely blows Twitter’s DM out of the water (which is in need of a serious upgrade my opinion).

And let’s be real, they have one of the greatest views in the world in Pinterest’s full intro video (2:11), so what’s not to love!  If you’ve given it a test drive – let me know what you think of the experience.

Pinterest Video Toronto Skyline
Pinterest Video Toronto Skyline

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Racism Rampant in Social Media

Have you seen this yet? With over 4,000,000 views on YouTube and thousands of ‘shares’ popping up all over social media, you likely will soon.  General Mills‘ Cheerios is making waves for something it doesn’t advertise – being sweet!

Cheerios AdJust Checking“, Cheerios latest heart healthy commercial has gone viral featuring a sweet American girl wanting to ensure Cheerios are good for her daddy’s heart.  Growing up in a society where high cholesterol and ‘ticker problems’ are the norm, it sends a great message.  And let’s face it; the little girl in the commercial may not be the best actress ever, but she is a cutie.  Here, take 30 seconds and watch it for yourself (video link).

An interesting thing to notice, is that for a video with 4M+ views, there’s no comments.
Apparently, there were so many racist comments due to the mixed race couple that Cheerios had to disable comments. Seriously?

At first hearing this it kind of made me wonder about our future.  Isn’t a ‘global village’ meant to bring us all together?  Doesn’t technology and communication help erase hate?

Well it turns out, maybe it does, it’s just taking a while to catch up.
The Fine Brothers, Benny & Rafi question some kids about what they think of the video.  Check out the kids’ view on the Cheerios commercial here.  It will surprise you.  Have you heard of that game “Smarter than a 5th Grader” – are you less of a bigot than these kids?

Really?  Then watch this parody and see what you think?

Looking at it from the outside, I thought it was quite poetic how the last word of the original commercial was, “Love”, yet it generated so much hate.  When we look at a YouTube video, we see it through a lens of life, our life, our experiences.  I feel the huge amount of negative feedback was populated through others also seeing it through the lens of others.  At first the commercial may have been a stretch outside someone’s comfort zone, but they wouldn’t have commented as they didn’t feel that strongly on the topic.  But as they read the comments, it touched on a dormant racist inside them and fuelled that part of them to the point where they engaged in the conversation as well.  And then, as with many social commenting sites, mob mentality takes over and civility is lost.

Author Note:

I grew up in a mixed culture family, and I thought it was pretty great.
Mom is a Mennonite (German) from Mexico who married a boy from Kansas while they were both living in small town Manitoba.  So I got to have delicious Mexican and German food while having American values and traditions.  Shook this up a little when I married a Korean Canadian princess and added more deliciousness to my pallet, both in food and in culture.  It’s always been the world I know, and will always know the world my kids know. #MeltingPot

Photo Credit – The Daily Dot

UnLearn – Build Your Brand

Somebody finally said something I needed to hear in a way I can understand (or at least in a way I listened).


Scott Stratten

In 2009, I co-founded a media promotions company.  Wanting to get our message out to as many people as possible as fast as possible we launched a facebook, twitter, blog, pinterest, YouTube, instagram, flickr, website and  all at once.   I’ll be the first admit; they were all a little neglected, and today, some float out there in cyberspace with a link to our Facebook where we spend the most time interacting with fans.

In this video Scott Stratten shares the importance of building one social network at a time in six month blocks with Fast Company (photo used without permission from their interview site).

How many social networking sites are you on?