Pinterest Evolves Again (Messaging!)

Pinterest Messaging goes live
Pinterest Messaging goes live. (photo from my inbox!)

In a game of “The most connected survive” Pinterest has evolved again increasing the relevance of their social media platform.

In the busiest summer of any of the SM platforms; Pinterest has grown to help their users become more connected.  A quick peek at what’s been added during the past sunny season:

April 9, 2014New ways to add Pin It buttons to your website
May 15, 2014 – Promoted Pins (Pinterest monetizes)
June 5, 2014Official Promoted Pins and analytics upgrade
July 8, 2014New Follow button
Aug 7, 2014MESSAGING

In watching Pinterest’s 24 second Youtube teaser to “messages” it is sooo simple, clean, efficient and does exactly what you think it would. While I’m not an avid Pinterest user; a quick test drive this morning left me beyond impressed. Messaging is light, simple and super intuitive, nothing really to ‘learn’. Personally I like it better than Facebook’s newest mobile messenger app, and it absolutely blows Twitter’s DM out of the water (which is in need of a serious upgrade my opinion).

And let’s be real, they have one of the greatest views in the world in Pinterest’s full intro video (2:11), so what’s not to love!  If you’ve given it a test drive – let me know what you think of the experience.

Pinterest Video Toronto Skyline
Pinterest Video Toronto Skyline

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Raptors Game 5 Guest List: 10 Top Torontonians To Invite

The Toronto Raptors are looking very different on and off the court this year; however the fan base is looking pretty familiar. Under the fresh leadership of Tim Leiweke, the teams under the MLSE’s prevue have gotten fresh faces from the top down.  However in wanting to rebrand the Toronto Raptors as a premier NBA team, (with explicative attitude according to Masai Ujiri) the stands still look much the same; corporate fans on the bottom; die hard fans on the top scrambling for affordable tickets.

So far all the changes seem to be wins; the Raptors are in the playoffs, sponsorship dollars are up, revenue is up, and #WETHENORTH is trending on Twitter. But what about increasing the overall brand and feel of the new Raptors Fans; who does Toronto want to see in the seats next to them or at the very least on the jumbotron?

Raptors fans pass the flag at Game 1.
Raptors fans pass the flag.

At Game 2; the only ‘celebrities’ to make the jumbotron at the Air Canada Centre were Drake & Rob Ford. While Drake puts Toronto on the map, or at the very least on par with: Brooklyn Nets – Jay-Z, Detroit Pistons – Eminem, Atlanta Hawks – Lil’ Jon, Charlotte Bobcats – Nelly… If the Raptors want to be the “Place to Be, ” show off that these 10 Torontonian’s are in the house between now and the end of our playoff run and you’ll see twittersphere pick up some off court conversations that could turn into regular season sales because “did you see who was at the Raptors game” is great water cooler talk.

10. Rachel McAdams – willing to be seen around town the local sweetheart actress is likely at the games, having fun, just not able to be found by the camera’s because she’s actually wearing her white shirt, like a good Raptors fan.

9. #RookieBlue – Likely one of Canada’s most successful television shows, based on the precinct just down the street at 51 Division.  The cast and crew are all in Etibicoke filming, likely not hard to get a few recognizable faces down for a game.

8. Steve Nash – the face of Canada basketball for so many years. With the Lakers out of the playoffs Nash is due for a visit ‘home’ it would definitely be a shot in the arm to the rumour mill and perhaps bring some ‘age balance’ to Toronto’s young squad.

7.  Kevin O’leary – A familiar face to the business folks with “Lang & O’Leary” as well as the every day folks with “Dragon’s Den.”  You see him at TIFF and all the “it” spots in Toronto; makes sense to add Raptors to the list.

6.  Roberto Alomar & Michael “Pinball” Clemmons.  Seat these two icons next to each other for all the 30+ fans in the crowd and show solidarity outside the MLSE family.

5.  Tyler Ennis – 2014 NBA Draft Prospect: We need some NBA GTA representation up in here. Speaking at the George Brown “5 To Watch” Awards on May 1, he’s in town!  Representing big dreams from the big city; Tyler will likely be at the game and we hope to see him on the big screen.

4.  Elisha Cuthbert (& Dion Phaneuf) – These dynamic lovebirds represent both sports and entertainment and are definitely one of Toronto’s most talked about couples; especially after last years playoffs infamous stare-down.

3. Chris Hadfield – While you can never make enough “out of this world” jokes; Chris has shown that he can run with the big dogs at last years TIFF.

2. Mayor Rob Ford – Love him or hate him; he gets tweets out (the line for selfies with the mayor was longer than the beer line).

1. Drake – Global Ambassador of Cool for the Toronto Raptors and Toronto. Kind of a shoo-in. Would be amazing if during the playoffs he would announce the team. I mean, he’s practically on the court yelling at the refs as it is.

Drake Day RaptorsHonorable Mentions:

Patrick Chan – With this winter seeming to last forever; it seems like the Olympics were only yesterday. Being one of the few “Toronto” based athletes, potentially attending UofT this fall and beginning his potentially ‘post tights’ life; this could be a good place to be sited outside the rink.


Justin Beiber – Whether he’s wearing a Raptors or Nets hat; he’ll definitely get people talking.
Usually I’d say “all publicity is good publicity,” but Raptors have a game to win, don’t need deafening boos to flood the ACC (Unless they put Justin wearing a Nets hat on the jumbotron during a Nets time-out).