Develop PHP Login System

Deliverables: Create a website that contains a PHP Login System which displays a user’s details once they are logged in.

Project For: Sheridan College –  CCT 360 – Intermediate Web Design
See It Live*  //  Check my code on GitHub

Project Requirements:
Project must contain the following pages built in PHP
1. Homepage + Login Page
2. User Registration Page
3. Registration Confirmation Page
4. Login Failed (wrong username / password)
5. User Profile page / Edit details – only viewable to logged in users.

PHP Login

Login To BatTeam

Fighting Crime is easy with BatTeam

Login / Join

Incorrect Info

Write PHP code to inform users when they enter wrong username or password.


Find where to fight crime or edit BatTeam details.

Incorrect Details!

Wrong info - you won't catch Joker like that!

Toronto Police Crime Stats

"Find where to fight crime" linked to Toronto Police Services.

Logout Screen

"When you're ready to fight crime again."

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Not being a designer and being very new to the ‘web developer’ space when assigned this project, I had more fun building story boards and architecting my content than actually writing code; who knew that would become my ‘thing.’  While my PHP Login System worked, I encourage you to check it out. Not because it’s amazing, (70% – ouch) but because of the building blocks of what I had the opportunity to learn.

* I know you want to join the BatTeam – so definitely try to check out my login page, however please note it is hosted on Sheridan’s servers, so at one point it may no longer be hosted to free up band width for new creative geniuses.
Batman logo and Joker images property of DC Comics.