Playing on the Big Screen – Research Consent / Info

Thank you for taking a moment to visit my research page, hopefully you can help!

Timeplay Currently I am taking a Research Methods course as part of obtaining a degree in Digital Enterprise Management at the University of Toronto. (Yup, I’m taking summer school) As part of my training I need to conduct an original research project and chose to investigate timeplay. Unfortunately I can’t tell you more about it in this space until AFTER I’ve collected enough surveys, which is where YOU come in. I would greatly appreciate it if you could please take this 5 minute survey which asks a little bit about you and your time at the movies. (The longest part is reading this consent form the University of Toronto makes me publish, if you want to short version “Go To The Survey NOW“)


Playing On The Big Screen –
An Interactive Look at TIMEPLAY Engagement

Sam Dumcum
UTM Digital Enterprise Management
3359 Mississauga Road N.
Mississauga, ON L5L 1C6

Carla DeMarco
UTM Ethics Review Contact
Terrence Donnelly Health Sciences Complex, room 330
3359 Mississauga Road N.
Mississauga, ON L5L 1C6
Tel.: 905-828-5433

Divya Maharajh
Course Instructor, CCT208
CCIT Building, room 3013
3359 Mississauga Road N.
Mississauga, ON L5L 1C6

Date: Aug 10 – 20, 2014


This research project is titled “Playing on the Big Screen, An Interactive Look at Timeplay Success.” The principal investigator of this project is Sam Dumcum, a student at the University of Toronto, Institute of Communication, Culture, Information Technology (ICCIT). I would like to investigate factors that contribute to Timeplay’s success as an interactive mobile application. In cooperation with my supervisor Divya Maharajh, a lecturer at the University of Toronto, I am collecting data from random online, voluntary participants. This data is collected as additional support for my research objectives, and will be used in conjunction with supplementary research as empirical evidence for my research project. This investigation is part of an assignment for a course in which I am enrolled called: Writing and Research Methods in Communication (CCT208).


The procedural method for this project’s research investigation will be a one-off survey consisting of approximately 20 questions about your Timeplay experience at Cineplex movie theatres in Canada and what demographic category you fit into.

Participating in this project is completely voluntary. Other than the personal satisfaction of knowing you contributed to academic research about going to the movies, no compensation is offered and you are able to withdraw from the project at any point. Should there be any part of participating in this project that makes you feel uncomfortable, please stop and contact myself, Sam Dumcum, the Principal Investigator (my contact details are at the top of this letter), to discuss your concerns on any aspect of the study.

Please know that confidentiality is one of our top priorities and any information your provide will be handled in accordance with the 1998 Data Protection act: your name and any identifying details about yourself will be anonymized in any publications relating to this study, unless you give your explicit consent to identify you as a subject. For additional security, copies of any data you provide will be secured in a locked cabinet in a locked office at the University of Toronto. Electronic information (data files) will be stored on a password-protected, secure networked system. Your data will be stored for the duration of one year.

If you have any questions about the ethical conduct of the research please contact the course instructor (Divya Maharajh) or the research ethics contact at the University of Toronto, Mississauga (UTM) (Carla DeMarco) using the contact details at the top of this letter.

Thank you very much for participating.

With best wishes,

Sam Dumcum


Before I ask you to participate, I would like you to read following statements and give your agreement to take part in this study. This information will be stored separately to guarantee the confidentiality of your data.

  1. I understand that my participation is voluntary and that I may withdraw from the research at any time, without giving any reason.

  2. I am aware of what my participation will involve.

  3. I understand that there are no risks involved in the participation of this study.

  4. All questions that I have about the research have been satisfactorily answered.

I agree to participate.

I am done reading, now TAKE ME TO THE SURVEY!