Pinterest Evolves Again (Messaging!)

Pinterest Messaging goes live
Pinterest Messaging goes live. (photo from my inbox!)

In a game of “The most connected survive” Pinterest has evolved again increasing the relevance of their social media platform.

In the busiest summer of any of the SM platforms; Pinterest has grown to help their users become more connected.  A quick peek at what’s been added during the past sunny season:

April 9, 2014New ways to add Pin It buttons to your website
May 15, 2014 – Promoted Pins (Pinterest monetizes)
June 5, 2014Official Promoted Pins and analytics upgrade
July 8, 2014New Follow button
Aug 7, 2014MESSAGING

In watching Pinterest’s 24 second Youtube teaser to “messages” it is sooo simple, clean, efficient and does exactly what you think it would. While I’m not an avid Pinterest user; a quick test drive this morning left me beyond impressed. Messaging is light, simple and super intuitive, nothing really to ‘learn’. Personally I like it better than Facebook’s newest mobile messenger app, and it absolutely blows Twitter’s DM out of the water (which is in need of a serious upgrade my opinion).

And let’s be real, they have one of the greatest views in the world in Pinterest’s full intro video (2:11), so what’s not to love!  If you’ve given it a test drive – let me know what you think of the experience.

Pinterest Video Toronto Skyline
Pinterest Video Toronto Skyline

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