LinkedIn Pulse (Beta Testing)

LinkedIn Pulse App DownloadThis morning I received an email to download the new beta LinkedIn Pulse app for Android.  While the newest version has been available on iTunes for almost two weeks, and is celebrating their weekaversary on Android today, I think the “Beta” line is their nice way of saying “there may still be bugs.” (although I haven’t found any yet)

If you haven’t seen the app yet, it is a central location to display LinkedIn’s customizable newsfeed that allows you to follow news, trends, tech, and Influencers from the LinkedIn community that contribute to the Pulse news feed. Yup, the same newsfeed you see on your profile.  What I often like about Pulse is that the writing is often very blog friendly and personal containing life hacks, business insights and tips / behind the scenes look at people I want to be when I grow up. If for some reason you didn’t want to put this app in your ‘news’ or ‘social network’ folder, it could wind up in your ‘productivity’ folder because it makes it quite easy to find the info you want, without having to scroll through your feed, thus making for a faster reading experience when you have a few minutes on the train, or in the bathr… wait, never mind.

Customize LinkedIn Pulse AppWhile the customization options on the LinkedIn Pulse app are pretty extensive, one  great feature to add would be the ability to follow anyone who contributes posts, not just Influencers or Pulse News. Currently I follow a few Influencers; executives, ‘life hackers’ and a few young marketing geniuses that I think are doing some cutting edge work, and they show up in my app, but most of the Torontonians business persons of interest and other consultants / interesting people I follow do not.  While commenting on an Influencers post (with 6,000 other people) is great, I’m more interested in my community, with 200 comments.

Something I’ve been noticing wiLinkedIn Join the Conversation - Pulse Appth LinkedIn Pulse articles, is that a lot of my connections comment or like the same articles I see. As someone preparing to graduate from the Digital Enterprise Management at UofT next year, I definitely want to become a more involved in conversations surrounding future trends, and LinkedIn is creating a professional space for these conversations. The LinkedIn Pulse app makes commenting quite easy and will definitely help you be more engaging.

LinkedIn Pulse HomeThe one thing I’m wondering though, is the Pulse news still shows up in my LinkedIn app – do I really need two apps?

As I play with the app a bit more, I’m thinking it may replace Flipboard (my current go-to newsfeed  app). While essentially LinkedIn Pulse is their version of Flipboard, the opportunity to engage with a community I can connect with and to makes the concept more appealing.

While it’s great to see LinkedIn continuing to innovate the app market, I would have preferred to see the iPhone’s “Job Search” app make the leap to Android (with full Canadian support), but I can wait six months for that one!  For now, I’ll enjoy reading and engaging, and preparing for what’s next!

To download the current version of LinkedIn Pulse visit:
Google Play