Extreme Project Management Exam Review #MGD428

Sometimes – you have to pull out all the stops and work your butt off for what you want.

For me, pulling out the stops, when it comes to studying, means recording my notes onto MP3 and listening to them at every available moment to try and learn difficult subject matter in the shortest amount of time possible.  The bust, as difficult as it is to listen to the sound of your own voice… I have a cold this week :p

Why not just settle? I’ve had a goal I haven’t made public, maybe if I do it will make it more legit, but it also makes it a little more scary… ok, here it goes… I would REALLY like to graduate from UofT’s Digital Enterprise Management program with “High Distinction.”

Until taking Statistics with Professor Bailey it was completely attainable, but those in the know, know how that turned out. Fortunately the knowledge I’m taking away from stats does not reflect the knowledge I gained in stats #enoughsaid.  My goal is still attainable, but I need pretty much all A’s til the end of time, and Professor Fuller (Project Management – UofT) threw down the gauntlet with his “student’s go into the exam with 90’s and leave with 60’s.”  Ouch.

Pre Exam Term Grades
Pre-Exam Term Grades (Sam Dumcum)

My term grades are great, and I really enjoyed making a ‘project’ (looking forward to adding it to my professional portfolio), however memorizing the “Project Management Institute’s Project Management Book of Knowledge” has not the easiest thing I’ve tried to do. With 48 hours to go, I’m officially entering Extreme Study Mode,  as best I can while taking six courses and have a “Technological Entrepreneur” exam on Friday.

In my world, Extreme Studying includes:

  • Reading chapter and lecture notes
  • Copying out notes (by hand, in three colors if possible)
  • Completing past exams
  • Reading my notes onto MP3 & listening to them while I drive. *
  • The whole ‘listening to the sound of my own voice’ only comes out in ‘extreme’ situations, but it’s worked in the past, and it enables me tostudy while I drive #timemanagement.  I’ll let you know in a few weeks if it worked or not; but if you need a study edge for the PMI and need to learn the Project Management Processes - Sam DumcumProject Management Processes in the Project Management Book of Knowledge 5th Edition, I uploaded the process overviews to soundcloud. Feel free to download them if you want to listen to me with a cold for 30 mins reading PMBOK Input / Tools & Techniques / Outputs for half an hour :p  #studyhard #bestofluck

Linkedin Professional Publishing

Linkedin Professional Publishing Invite
Linkedin Professional Publishing Invite

It finally came!  Remember when Gmail was by referral only?  While a student at MiraCosta College in Southern California, my world changed when a friend from Berkely invited me to Google Mail in January of 2005, it felt like I had to wait forever for it.

Now after Linkedin Professional Publishing has been out for four months… I finally got my invite!  Check out my first test post on Linkedin’s publishing platform.  It’s not WordPress, but it’s also not meant to be; the same way Linkedin isn’t Facebook.  Even the name “Professional Publishing” carries on with the Linkedin brand of being a place where professionals connect.  I’m very excited about this new content oriented direction Linked in has finally chosen to take.

(PSSST – if YOU want Linkedin Professional Publishing – CLICK HERE)

While every social media platform seems to be in constant flux with new features, new privacy policy, new layout, etc, Linkedin has primarily stayed the course.  There haven’t been too many dramatic shifts with Linkedin, or at least it doesn’t feel that way, which is refreshing.  To be fair, I haven’t been an avMy First Linkedin Publishing Post!id Linkedin user and only truly paid my profile the attention it deserved after entering my third year at the University of Toronto. As a Digital Enterprise Management student I was inspired by one of my management course facilitators, Professor Parveen Gill, an HR professional, when she stated Linkedin was a ‘must have personal branding tool.’

Being the millenial that I am, I always felt Linkedin constrained users, “you can say what you do” and that was about it. There was no real place to add legitimate content.  My resume is what it is; a collection of interesting jobs and extravagant experiences that don’t seem to fit together. To be fair, not many people know what to do with someone who has an athletic, military, non-profit, event planning, and media / marketing background, but if I can get to the interview phase, that is my time to shine :).  I feel this new Linkedin Publishing Platform will give me the opportunity to pre-interview and hopefully be able to showcase my skills and knowledge in a new light.

Check out my first LinkedIn post and let me know what you think of the platform.