Life isn’t or at least shouldn’t be defined by what we do; but who we are should define what we do.  Adventure and “learning experiences” (yup, mistakes) have helped guide my experiences and shape my world in more ways than I can put on a page.  This space is to tell you about who I am; by what I do.

Determined / Disciplined / Goal Oriented / Teamwork / Innovative / Strategic

From the time I learned to skate at age two I’ve been an athlete.  It didn’t matter what sport, or what level of competition, sports always compelled and propelled me to do my absolute best.  Through discipline, hard work, innovation, and learning that it’s okay to push yourself, I found ways to succeed at every level.

Every success in life is a team effort. From competing at the Canada Games in Dance Figure Skating to the World Duathlon Championships (pictured left), there’s no such thing as success without a team. You’ve got to learn from your coach and your teammates, listen to your body, respect your competition, know your limits and know when and how to push them.

And, now that you’ve seen me in spandex we’re officially friends!